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AVIONIXX is the culmination of over twenty years of design and manufacturing experience in auto sound electronics. AVIONIXX is about delivering solid base/mids and crisp highs; AVIONIXX is about listening to your favorite music as it was meant to be heard... and then some; AVIONIXX is about the brute force of creating deep sub-base; AVIONIXX is about disturbing your blood flow; AVIONIXX is about pounding your bones to the core; AVIONIXX, in short, is BOMB...

At the same time, AVIONIXX was not out to create some esoteric, "out of this world" priced gadget. AVIONIXX is about affordability without compromising the essence of what is should be. AVIONIXX is NOT about limited affordability. AVIONIXX is about giving the masses the very best in Cost/Benefit ratio. If you prefer to sell your car to pay for the sound system, dude (& dudettes), don't hang here. AVIONIXX does not want your money. If you want the world's best bang for your hard earned dinero, YOU are about AVIONIXX and AVIONIXX is all about YOU.

PS: AVIONIXX is NOT about exterior beauty contest... AVIONIXX is NOT about looking "pretty"... AVIONIXX is AFFIRMATIVE on spending money where it counts - like on better components, INSIDE the case - like adding more weight to the aluminum extrusion for better heat dissipation and prolonged play time.